SolarPlant technology R&D team developed the first EL test machine in 2008 which can successfully capture different length of waves from the glimmers while different materials changing their energy gaps; further developed the optics and image sets, single machine equipment, automatically inspection equipment and image deriving technology without in the darkroom.
Via the patent machine design, it can reach at least 2X seamless images and at most 4X
The speed of production can totally meet the year production of 50MW. The wide range of CCD pixel selection (1.4 million to 12.5 million pixels) can satisfy the demand of solar industry and used for AOI database.



Quick EL V3 software

Except for basic photo shooting, instant image, auto-intensifying image quality, word overlay, bar code serial number saving, multi-layer user passwords, the V3 system designed by us can fully support PLC automatic connection and MES system as well. Via self-defined defect code and work order info can effectively meet the requirements of production management and the need for Q.A to gather statistics.




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